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Updates on P Chidambaram INX Media Case


P Chidambaram is under the CBI’s custody since August 21 in the INX Media Case. He is accused of misusing his position as India’s Finance Minister to avoid clearances in INX Media.

The CBI also mentioned to Supreme Court, that P Chidambaram gives vague answers to the questions on payments, and email communications. Sources said that P Chidambaram has been giving answers like ‘I don’t remember’, ‘I don’t know’ etc.

During today’s hearing in the Supreme Court, P Chidambaram legal team argued that the ED case against him does not stand since the particular law was not there when the alleged offense was committed. The case has been incorrect since the beginning, said Abhishek Singhvi, who was also the part of Mr. Chidambaram’s legal team.

During the arguments between CBI and the legal team of P Chidambaram, he told Supreme Court that he has given proper replies of all the questions asked by the CBI team. He added that CBI is unhappy because he wants only a certain kind of answer for him.

As per the sources, CBI may now ask the Supreme Court to allow a lie-detection test of P Chidambaram in the case of INX Media. And also CBI wants to quiz Chidambaram by making him sit face-to-face with Indrani Mukerjaa, another accused in the case of INX Media.

In India, investigating agencies can conduct a lie-detection test only if the person on whom the test is being conducted has consented to it.

The family of Mr. P Chidambaram states the case. Karti P Chidambaram tweeted the statement today.

Supreme Court to continue to hear tomorrow plea of P Chidambaram against Delhi High Court order dismissing his anticipatory plea.


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