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PM Modi Broke Silence after Crossing All Hurdles on Article 370


On Thursday PM broke his Silence and addressed to the whole nation about development in J&K. He added in his speech that the central government will end corruption, atrocities, and violence in Jammu and Kashmir and will make sure to start industries, private investment, and employment in Jammu and Kashmir.

5 important points he addressed in his speech:

  •  A new era has begun in Jammu and Kashmir and in Ladakh too. Citizens of J&K and Ladakh are equal and their responsibilities are also equal. He said
  •  From the last 3 decades around 42,000 people lost their lives. The rights enjoyed by other daughters in India were not enjoyed by the daughters of J&K. He said
  • State companies, as well as private companies, will be encouraged to create jobs for the local youth in the state. Local youth will receive employment. By doing this it will create benefit to Jammu & Kashmir. He said
  • He also added that the central government has decided to put J&K under the governance of the central government. This decision has been taken after careful consideration. J&K will not remain UT forever. I want to tell people of J&K that your representatives will come from among you.
  • J&K and Ladakh have the potential to become the biggest tourist destination in the world. I urge the Hindi, Telugu and Tamil film industry to come to J&K for shooting their projects. Several Herbal and organic products are there in J&K and Ladakh. If they are identified and marked in the global market then it will be a great benefit to the people and farmers of the regions. I urge the enterprise from all over India to come forward to this. He said


At last, he added that “I assure the people of J&K that things will return to normalcy very soon”.


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