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‘Nozzle’- A Product Invented by MIT Madras Students to Save Water


Global warming effects are seen nowadays in India. Due to these effects, every single person is facing a high alert in water consumption. India is facing the worst water crisis in its history. According to report 21 cities of India will run out of groundwater by 2020 i.e. almost next year. Cities include Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai.

Normally, about 600 ml of water is used in a single hand wash. According to the UN, about 350 ml of water is being wasted. The government should take immediate action as growing scarcity will affect India’s food security.

Meanwhile, in Chennai, a group of engineering students who graduates from Madras Institute of Technology (MIT), have built two types of nozzles for your taps through their startup, Earth Fokus. They claim that these nozzle devices can help cut down water wastage by almost 95% of the water level.

Source NDTV

They design nozzles in the form of a spray. With this automation, they can reduce water flow from 12 liters a minute to 600 milliliters a minute. By attaching these nozzles to your kitchen you or bathroom taps you can save up to 35 liters of water a day. Normally nozzles are made of plastic material, but the founder describes that these products made by them are 100% made of brass materials.

Further, they added that they need to use brass because it works better in terms of quality and water conditions in our country. Basically, the brass material nozzle can sustain hard water for a long time.

The products are Qua-Mist and Eco-Mist the two forms of nozzles. Qua-Mist is easy to install with a cap, which takes up to 30 seconds to install in your kitchen tap and bathroom tap. The installation doesn’t need the expertise of a plumber. A second and more popular product is the Eco-Mist, a nozzle that goes inside the tap. Once installed it is difficult to remove.

The Eco-Mist can help to save 95% of water, giving only 0.5 LPM (liters per minute) compared to the regular discharge of 10 LPM. And this is also easy to install.

According to sources almost 7000 pieces are sold around.

If you want to save water, buying these nozzles for your home isn’t a bad idea.

“Save Water Save Life”.


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