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Increased Usage of Smart Phone in Teenage, and Decreased their Memory


‘Smart People Smart Phone’, this sounds good. But ‘Smart Kid Smart Phone’ don’t you think this sounds horrible. According to one researcher 95% of teens are using smartphones out of which 45% of teens are almost constantly online, yes you read outright. There are pros and cons of a smartphone from which we are familiar with.

The people who are inventing smartphones are not using it at all, the one who makes the sites from which the whole world is connected doesn’t have their personal account on that sites, because they know how much distracting all these things are.

Kids are growing up behind the screen of smartphones. This is the era where mobile phones are available at each and every person’s hand in which teens are also included. To whom this situation can be blamed, to the Society! Parents! Or School.

There is no use of smartphones for teens. The teenagers aged 15-22 have so much craze for the smartphone than the people of other segments. There is no doubt that the mobile phone is a need of the day, but for the need keypad phones are also available. In schools and college students are using mobile phones so extensively instead of concentrating in classes. And with more mobile phones the memory gets decreased because each and every single thing is stored in the mobile phone. Mobile phones are known as an academic distraction for students. Mobile phones cannot be ignored but the usage of them can be limited.

Nowadays there is unlimited data pack available in the market, so the user has also become unlimited. There is a chance of serious disease with the help of unlimited usage, the disease called cancer. Yes! It causes an ipsilateral, in simple language, this is a tumor caused on the side of the brain where the phone is mostly held. It is highly risky and dangerous with teen’s health, this is their growing period of time and at that time they are taking an indirect risk with their life.

In the past, I am talking about years ago. Kids used to play outdoor games in their free time. There was the excitement of games of those 2/3 hours, if comparing that n these days there is a vast difference. Because at present the situation is, mostly outdoor games are available on mobile phones. Just one click game downloaded. But the actual fun of playing the games is not seen on the faces.

Not only on studies, but kids are losing their lives while playing games like a blue whale, pubg, etc. While taking a selfie, they have no idea where they are moving from and that accident happens. Frequently you might be reading this kind of news in the newspaper or on any social media news sites.

There should be knowledge of technology agreed! But does anyone care about knowledge! One of the researchers mentioned that Teens are more likely to say social media makes them feel more included and confident. These show that they tend to associate social media use with positive instead of negative emotions. Knowledge is must, but there should not be an addiction and the use should be in a positive way.

There is one saying:

‘Bache Jo Dekhte Hain Wahi Sikhte Hain’


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