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What is More Important in Life – Inner Beauty or Outer Beauty?


Beauty doesn’t mean a face with makeup, a face with a fake smile. Beauty is something that gives you inner confidence which shows your eyes full of spark smiling face your beautiful soul which makes you different from others.

“Your inner beauty never needs makeup”

Beauty only needs a good heart with selfless love and care. Real beauty lies in willing to assist someone without any expectation that shows the pure pleasure of being satisfied by helping others, that person has inner beauty. It also represents goodwill and kindness towards others. Something that one considers beautiful others might consider it ugly. It is not that much important that how beautiful the person is, important is how naturally the person carries inner and outer beauty. Beautiful appearance can be egoistic, haughty or arrogant; they often show superiority over others. People grow old and external features fade away.

Every person is like a deep ocean you do not know what the person is from its surface until you dive deep within that person and you will know the beauty of the person.

I am not saying that Outer appearance should be neglected, but the importance of outer appearance should not be high there should be a balance between both.

‘As we say time changes’, we do not have the same appearance during the whole life. Appearance is changing, at the same time, inner beauty will last forever. In the world full of technology there are treatments for your appearance if you feel you are not perfect in appearance with the help of Botox injections and other thousand of options of surgery is available. But will hardly get wide recognition and respect.

We often talk to them who have an attractive appearance, it’s but natural we all are attracted to appearance. Later when you understand that person is not what you have expected, you may be disappointed by your own thoughts. Having look deeper, you will discover an empty pod instead of beauty. You will understand how important it is to have inner beauty.

All I’m saying that inner beauty plays a bigger part even in first sight than you think.  A beautiful person always shines brighter than a beautiful face emptiness form inside.  Your true beauty lies within you not what other person observes in you. Remember, outer beauty can give you a glance inner beauty that makes someone stay.

Of course, it is difficult, to be honest at that point and say ‘yes’, outer beauty plays a great role because not everyone is blessed by good genetics, but this is life and we all have to play according to what was written in our life. Outer beauty is not a great gift, but what is important is how a person decides and use the appearance. But can he or she become successful using appearance?

There’s a quote saying

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”

Learn to love yourself first. The one who loves themselves has some different charm and the glow of beauty can’ not compete with anyone.

We have an example of nature, nature doesn’t care about anyone. The sun doesn’t care how hot it is, the moon doesn’t care that it stains, clouds don’t care that they are uneven. Still, we love nature. Same love your-self rest who cares! What others think. In the end, you have to answer yourself about deeds, not the world.


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